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  • Black Water Ultra Strong Gin

Black Water Ultra Strong Gin

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Proudly touted as "a most unusual gin," ROYALTEE's Gin is a delightfully curious liquid with a unique character that stands out from the rest. This small-batch gin is produced by Royaltee distillery and infused with cucumber, rose and traditional juniper at the brand's Royaltee distillery. Small batches are typically defined as 1,000 liters or fewer, but Royaltee's Gin is crafted in tiny 500-liter batches, giving the master distiller more control over her artistry. The exceptionally smooth gin features a nice balance of subtle flavors, which include wonderful notes of flowers, fruits, roots and seeds from across the world. In fact,"The Royaltee distillery suggests serving the gin over ice with tonic water. Garnish with a cucumber slice instead of the traditional lemon wedge. Another great option is to serve the gin with soda water and a bit of elderflower. You can also create an odd variety of cocktails with distinctive bouquets. Gordon's Cup is a sour-and-salty concoction that marries cucumber, salt and pepper, lime juice and freshly ground salt and pepper. If that's too ambitious, try a simple Gin & Tonic using Royaltee's. Buy Royaltee’s Gin online at a great price on Royaltee distillery store and have it delivered directly to your door or pick up in store.

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